Building Local Business

And enriching corporate life


Improved Networking

A Natural Mixer

Typical networking events are a lot of talk with a handful of people. A social dance is a true mixer that shakes up office or industry cliques.

Gender Neutral Networking
With more and more women entering the workplace, do you really think golf and beers are the best thing to generate lasting trust and friendship?


Tired of getting to know your coworkers' families at ball games, bowling alleys, and barbecues? We'll bring our expert dancers and let's throw a party and a have a clean, fun time instead.

Dynamic Workshops

Lead & Follow

You train your employees to lead, but did you know that strong following skills are just as important? Our Lead & Follow classes teach workflow harmony.

Unparalleled Teambuilding

Corporate teambuilding exercises are tolerable at best - except ours. We teach a valuable life skill using physics-based party games that builds lasting camaraderie and friendship.

Our communication workshops are created in partnership with licensed psychologists and therapists. We teach strong communication principles that can be applied to work and personal life.

world-class instruction

Hall-of-Famer Debby Ramsey
Raleigh is home to three-time-winner World's Greatest Swing Instructor Hall-of-Famer Debbie Ramsey. She's the only Hall-of-Famer in North Carolina.

Legendary judge and instructor Robin Smith al


Health Benefits

science says dancing is one of the healthiest activities on the planet

Which is why you should consider offering it to your employees even before they start pestering you about it. "A dancing employee is a low-cost, high productivity employee."