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Simply put, the goal of the "Dance, Raleigh!" Initiative is to inspire non-dancers to become occasional dancers, occasional dancers to become frequent dancers, and frequent dancers to become competitive dancers. Dance, Raleigh! focuses exclusively on promoting West Coast Swing, the world's first universal social dance.

Services we provide

We support all west coast swing venues in Raleigh & DUrham

Video Production

  • Filming and Post-Processing of Professional Demos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Interviews
  • Free Training for local dance businesses that want to tackle this independently


  • Logo Animation
  • Explainer Videos
  • Graphics Packages

dance Raleigh DOES NoT

  • Create video "recaps" of workshops
  • Create how-to videos on how to dance West Coast Swing
  • Concern itself with creating content that does not pertain to our local dance scenes
  • Concern itself with dances other than West Coast Swing