dance Raleigh's mission is to bring you more business

Simply put, the goal of the Dance, Raleigh Initiative is to inspire non-dancers to become occasional dancers, occasional dancers to become frequent dancers, and frequent dancers to become competitive dancers. Dance Raleigh focuses exclusively on promoting Universal Swing, commonly known as West Coast Swing (WCS). 

About the name "Universal Swing"

I have chosen to regularly use the term "Universal Swing" because I have a personal belief that West Coast Swing is destined to become the "world's social dance". As such, I see no reason to continue to call it West Coast Swing and then try to explain to people how dramatically different it is from other types of dance. Call it what it is - universal swing for almost any kind of music. I am a marketer by trade and this just makes sense to me. While I don't expect the WCS community at large to adopt this term, I see no reason not to use it in our marketing locally to our friends and family who have no idea what WCS is anyway. It is a term I expect would be used only during the initial "get them to the club the first time" stage of their journey. I would encourage dancers locally to use the term "universal swing" when telling people what kind of dance they do because I feel it will be a much much easier "sell" and will help convert more people to the very real fact that WCS is totally different from every other social dance and no other social dance will ever catch up at this point (in my opinion).

Official mission statement

Dance, Raleigh! aims to enrich the lives of citizens by showing them the value of social dancing in their personal and professional lives and helping them adopt it quickly and efficiently by connecting them with local dance professionals and venues.

We believe if we can inspire these feelings in people then business and dance quality in our communities will naturally increase. "If you want to build a ship, make people long for the sea."

Dance raleigh will be regularly requesting video submissions from the community and will provide professional editing, color grading, and stabilization as required to maintain a high standard of quality on our content. Dance Raleigh reserves the right to reject posting any video for any reason.

Dance Raleigh will provide

People donating videos or files to Dance Raleigh

ANy video that any individual is in can be taken down for any reason

While we certainly don't want to ruin our dance nights with filming, we also need to do better at sharing the magical moments that happen each week with our friends.

One of the primary ways we believe we can inspire people is by capturing the amazing dancing that already happens in our community on film and providing that content to the community for sharing with their friends, families, and coworkers. Any dance club or individual in our dance scene can request that a video be removed for any reason and it will be taken down

In addition, Dance Raleigh aims to create quality animations, blog posts, interviews, and any other media we believe will help to inspire people to dance and overcome the "invisible" but real obstacles that prevent them from having this great blessing in their lives on a regular basis.

Services Dance Raleigh Offers the local community

Complimentary Professional filming of demos from local pros - the video can be posted on your venue's / hosting entity's website or the Dance Raleigh YouTube channel - your choice.

Limited non-studio Photography services for any event I attend (about 10-30min max as I would like to be dancing most of the night). My goal is to capture the drama, the intensity, the subtleties of our best dancers.

Venue promotional material and packages (in exchange for credits toward event admission)

Event promotional material and packages (in exchange for credits toward event admission)

Simple, non-studio Portrait photography for your website. Does not include any kind of travel ,s othis would have to happe nat at venue.

limited free training and consultation services to dance professionals who wish to implement video and/or animations into their businesses.



dance Raleigh DOES NoT

Create how-to videos on how to dance West Coast Swing

Create video "recaps" of workshops

Promise to provide content/video services for free indefinitely to the West Coast Swing community in the Triangle

Concern itself with creating content that does not pertain to our local dance community

Concern itself with dances other than West Coast Swing

Maintain biases for or against dance venues or instructors. Quality West Coast Swing and its venues and instructors will be promoted to consumers more or less equally, but if I attend some venues more than other, it is a personal preference of my own, not a reflection on your venue. At any request I will be happy to come out to an event (if I can make it) and help you out with some filming.




but there's more ...

We believe that in order to accomplish the mission above, we will need more than just new content. While we don't know if it will work, we will be offering to corporations larger services to such as workshops, benefits , To grow the dance scene substantially and to do that we need more cash flowing into the various venues and private businesses run by local dance professionals. One of the most logical target markets is local corporations that have ample funds to drop on one-time workshops, added benefits

dance raleigh is run

by michael mercer

You think you're an expert on teamwork? We are in perfect harmony every two beats without even having to speak to one another. Can your team say the same?

While we aren't experts at your business, we are experts on relationships, teamwork, cross-gender communication, and what it means to be a good leader and a good follower working together toward a common goal. These are principles that can be applied to countless aspects of the corporate world, and, in our opinion, are often a sorely needed "refresher" for our increasingly digital and anti-social workplaces.

In 1995, world-famous Skippy Blair wrote a talk entitled "All You Ever Need to know about Relationships Can be learned in a West Coast Swing Class." And it's true. It is the microcosm of interpersonal relationships.

In the world of social dance, as in life, everyone leads and everyone follows.

It's not about learning a dance, it's about learning to be a good leader and a good follower. Dance is just the "object lesson" that brings clarity to complex social needs.

Besides, people hate those regular corporate trainings anyway ... at least ours ends with a dance party.

It's time to party! ... oh wait. we forgot how.

Imagine your next corporate party being bombed by our amazing dancers. I mean, really ... has anyone in your company been to a real dance party? How old are you, anyway? ... Don't answer that. The point is, we can bring a powerful, dynamic, memorable adventure to your employees (and their significant others) within the safety and comfort of their own workplace. What's not to love about that?

Oh, your workplace may not be the best spot for a party? No problem. We can help you find the right venue in town or you  can bomb our dance clubs instead. We've got several and we can connect you with the ones that are best fits for your teams.