Intro video Script

The video you are looking for has not yet been created, but here's the script

The world of social dance has become overly complicated and not very appealing for most of us.

The problem is most styles of social dance only accommodate one genre of music - ballroom music, big band music, latin music, country music. I mean, c’mon … there’s NO way I’m going to get a group of friends on board with just one kind of music all night long. Half won’t like country, the other half won’t like salsa, and ballroom … let’s not even go there. It’s too complicated for a group of friends to go social dancing which is insane because it’s called *SOCIAL* DANCING. A night of social dancing with friends should be as easy and seamless as going to a concert, a restaurant, or a movie.

What we need to do is to make dancing easy, fun, and cool again. So .. let’s do it. Rather than a different dance for each genre of music like they did in the 20th century, let’s flip that inside out and have just /one/ dance that can be danced to songs from lots of genres … especially all the popular music we love. Let’s make it so easy to learn that someone can have fun on their very first night, but also give the dance enough depth that you could learn for a lifetime. Let’s make it elegant enough for weddings and dresses but casual enough for blue jeans and bars. Let’s ditch that bossy male leader nonsense and allow both dancers to communicate back and forth like a conversation. But most importantly, we need to be able to make it our own. Each of us has a unique flair to life, and our individual dancing should reflect that.

This imaginary dance we’ve created is basically a "universal social dance," a dance created for all music, all people, and all of life’s events where you might want to get your groove on.

Best of all … it’s not imaginary. It’s called West Coast Swing, and it’s been taking the world by storm. West Coast Swing is all of the things we've imagined and more. 

Check it out and see for yourself.